Thibaut Sizun's homepage

09/09/2014 : New release !

After a long processing period my homepage finally have a new release !

The appearance change for a more refine design. I hope this new feature will improve ergonomically your browsing.

All graphics items present on this website were made from free software (Inkscape, Gimp). Then for keeping a sharing spirit you are free to used any present image on this website. You free to use them for your own purpose.

The code of this new release was thoroughly change. This website is now coded with a MVC which will allow me to update more easily and more regularly.

01/08/2014 : Wellcome !

The thesis final stage is a hinge period full of possibility: Post-doctoral position, associate professor position, researcher in public or private, entrepreneur. In order to prevent and ease my professional orientation and enhanced my network. I decided to put on line complementary informations.

You will found on this website in the Works part an introduction to my thesis and a presentation of my works lines. Moreover, I propose a complete version of my CV and a list of my publication and other speech in the communication part.